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As a Business Owner or Manager, you may want to sit your new staff members down to offer to them a reference point from which all other field training can build upon.  These videos can offer the big picture before you head out into the field for that first day of on the job training.

We all have new staff members that need to become certified pesticide applicators and the Pro Membership allows a person to watch all the 10 min weekly training videos at one sitting plus all the Procedural Videos that help new applicators make better use of the training manuals that the differing states had out .

Safety meeting are a must so just because you have purchased the Pro Membership, still require your staff to sign up individually for the Free Visitor Access.  The FREE Visitor Access only allows one video each week to be viewed which is a great tool for current pesticide applicator in your organization to obtain a weekly pesticide meeting, that is in fact an OSHA verifiable safety meeting.  We have found when all staff members are watching the same weekly video, everyone is on the same page.  It's FREE so sign up today.

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Pesticide Training Videos

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Procedural Videos

Tree & Shrub Root Feeding

Rotary Spreader 2016

Site Awareness

Weed Spraying Technique

and Calibration

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General Category - Pesticide Training Topics



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Sprayer Calibration



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