The BioPac'r turns Grass2Cashtmby saving landscapers labor by reducing daily trips to a landfill while creating a sustainable supply of livestock silage that is sold to Farmers, Dairies, Feedlots, etc.

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About BioPac'rtmshort

We provide a new solution to the age old problem of using lawn clippings for something other than filler in a landfill or composting.  Don't  recycle your grass clippings back to a client lawn or throw them away for a fee!  Bag these lawn clippings and sell them as livestock feed.  With the aid of the BioPac'r™  packaging system, convert them into a fermented, pesticide-free, sustainable livestock feed with a shelf life of 4 years or more.

The BioPac'r™ is 100% self contained and portable and slides into the back of a pickup or trailer.  It can compress multiple pickup/trailer loads of lawn clippings into a  convenient to handle 1-ton package (3' x 4' x 4.5').  It  also holds forty (40) 39 gallon Hefty bags  of tree leaves.  This grass handling device allows landscapers to use shorter trailers for their equipment allowing for more maneuverability on narrow streets or in traffic. Crew members can now empty their mowing bags into the BioPac'r™  and compact the clippings just before leaving a clients lawn, eliminating the air which in turn, prevents heat buildup associated with loose lawn clippings.  At the end of the day the BioPac'r™ packages the compressed Biomass  into our proprietary bag where the biomass pickles, ferments (ensiles) and detoxifies these clippings with any residual lawn pesticides on them in exactly the same process the farmers detoxify their silage crops of residual pesticides.  This new sustainable GREEN INDUSTRY commodity is known as Lawn Clipping Silage™.

The first feeding study conducted by University of Wyoming's Hudson Hill confirms that livestock love this stabilized version of what they already eat all summer long, Grass.

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YCC is the manufacturer of the BioPac'r™ line of products and developer of the the world's first Lawn Clipping Silage™ Commodities Market.

BioPac'r™ is the first portable ensiling plant that fits in the back of a landscapers vehicle or trailer and compacts biomass like grass clippings.  It then unloads the compressed bales into a fermentation bag that is accomplished at a landscapers shop.  The age tested way of producing silage by farmer, rancher or feed lot owners at their stationary sites is now now complemented by a way to get high quality feed silage into the feed bunks of smaller operators that just don't have the space to erect a permanent silo, silage tube yards or silage pits.

BioPac'r™ has been featured in Forbes, Turf, Small Farm Canada, Golfdom, Lawn & Landscape, Farm Journal and many other credible publications. Visit our Media Page.

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Why should landscapers use BioPac'rtmshort

When given the choice to have lawn clipping bagged vs. left on the lawn with mulching mowers, homeowners prefer having the clippings bagged and removed, hands down, for the manicured look they expect.

Customers can care less about the claims that lawn clippings return nitrogen back to the lawn. They just want their lawn to look prettier than the neighbors lawn and the clumped up, windrow appearance as a result of mulching is what convinces them to switch to a bagging company.

Disposing of lawn clipping can be expensive, even if you can do so for free. It costs first and foremost, in the labor cost of the trips to and from the landfill plus you are losing the opportunity to bill out during these round trips.

Offset these expenses and create a new revenue source by using the BioPac'r™ to eliminate disposal trips. Start selling your lawn clipping silage™ to livestock feeders.

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Who benefits from the BioPac'rtmshortLawn Clipping Compactortmshort?


  • Save money in dumping fees and labor
  • Remove clippings and reduce waste for clients
  • Make profit selling to Biopac'r™ matched farmers

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  • Save money in buying local sustainable feed
  • Provide your livestock High Octane Grass™
  • Market your beef as Local or Grass Finished

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About BioPac'r™

image005Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r line of products. BioPac'r™, Grass 2 Cash™, Lawn Clipping Compactor™, Lawn Harvester,™ Lawn Clipping Silage™ and High Octane Grass™ are all Trademarks (™) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp, Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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