Confessions of a Sustainable Yellowstone Entrepreneur

Save Money & Increase Profits

As I added up the additional costs of running a mowing business, I discovered quickly that the $100 per hour I was billing out, may not be enough revenue to keep the mowing division off of welfare and I searched for additional ways to save money and bill out.

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History of Lawn Mowers

“Gentlemen will find using my machine an amusing … healthful exercise.”


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Laverne & Joyce Graus

My Folks taught me the value of hard, and honest work and rightfully I wanted to memorialize them by naming the first 2015 production model for Laverne and Joyce Graus.

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My Truths: Mulching Lawn Mowers

I argue that lawns mulched don’t look as nice as a bagged lawns and if you mulch your lawn, I bet you can tell me the name of your favorite fungicide and insecticide because you need to purchase these products every year. I will also bet you need to dethatch every year?

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We at Yellowstone Compact & Commodities are creating an entirely new commodities market that is Horticultural based, justified by University Research in partnership with Agriculture. The BioPac'r converts lawn clippings into High Octane Grass, for your Cows, it's called Lawn Clipping Silage. Follow our Blog below.