Cattle Producers Wanted for Grass Clipping Silage

Join our network of Modern Day Pioneers who are interested in reducing their risk while discovering cheaper ways to feed high protein forages.  As turfgrass managers such as landscapers, golf courses and sod growers start producing Grass Clipping Silage™, we are looking for cattle and sheep producers wanting to buy grass silage for feed.  We will partner you with a turfgrass company within 90 miles of your location.  But we first need to know your location, so sign up today to add your name to our growing list of interested parties.

Sign up today to begin buying locally produced Grass Clipping Silage.  If we don't have a BioPac'r® currently in your area, we will work to identify turf managers who are interested in owning a BioPac'r®.  We're also looking for opportunities to partner landscapers and farmers who would like to work together to purchase a BioPac'r® to create their own silage.

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We can't connect you with future silage producers unless we know you are interested in becoming a Pioneer in this exciting new and innovative commodities network!

As we place more BioPac'r® units across the country with landscapers, golf courses, sod growers, etc., we will work to connect you with each other.

If you are a  dairy farmer, cow/calf operator, feeder or finishing feedlot and require hundreds of thousands of tons of feed each year, we can bring together multiple silage producers in your area to meet your needs. Complete and submit the the questionnaire above.

About BioPac'r®:

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r® line of products. BioPac'r®, Grass2Cash, Lawn/Grass Clipping Compactor, Lawn/Grass Harvester, Lawn/Grass Silage Network and Lawn/Grass Clipping Silage are ALL Trademarks (TM) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.

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