Grass Clipping Compactor

BioPac'r® Compresses Multiple Pickup Loads of Grass Clippings into a 1-ton Package

The BioPac'r® is a new innovative approach to managing green waste.  The BioPac'r® compresses grass clippings into a bale that is then packaged inside our customized 1-ton Pac'r Bag where the biomass is ensiled into Grass Clipping Silage™ that can be safely fed to livestock.

Five Pick Up Loads of Grass Clippings

Traditional Method

You pay the labor expense on every single trip, wasting time and resources while also contributing to the early closure of landfills because they have reached their capacity prematurely.

"Grass 2 Cash"

Bypass landfills and smelly compost piles and save time and labor while creating a new revenue stream with the BioPac'r® Grass Clipping Packaging system. We will help you market and sell your Grass Clipping Silage™ to local farmers, and we'll even set up the delivery of the new feed.  All you have to do is sit back and wait for your silage check.

The Cost/Benefit table below demonstrates the economics of handling grass clippings three different ways.  This field trial was conducted over 3 years by several reputable lawn maintenance companies.
Comparison of Traditional Methods to BioPac'r Savings

Coming Soon - Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

For any business owner, the return-on-investment (ROI) question is one that you ask yourself every time you are considering the purchase of a new piece of equipment. We offer a calculator designed for landscapers, solid waste operators, sod growers and golf courses to answer the most important question:  "How does this new equipment impact my bottom line?"

Traditional Method

Clippings are tossed into a pickup or trailer as lawns are mowed.  At the end of the day (or early the next morning - peak operating hours), you have to take the clippings to the landfill where you wait in long lines to be weighed.  Then you wait to back up to the grass pile where clippings are shoveled, raked or kicked out.  Then you find yourself waiting in line yet again to get back on the scale where you finally pay your dump after day, week after week!

Reducing Trips Model

The clippings are dropped into the BioPac’r that is mounted in the back of your pickup or on your equipment trailer.  You can now bypass the dump for several days, eliminating the constant trips, dump fees and wasted man hours.  Now you can go to the dump less frequently, and it's a one-man job to unload the clippings in only a few minutes.  And now you are able to bill out an extra hour or more each day since you don’t have to go to the dump as often.

Grass2Cash Model

The clippings are thrown into the BioPac’r® and at the end of the day you spend five minutes packaging the compressed bale into a silage bag.  In about 30 days it is worth almost $90/ton!  YCC will help you market and sell your Lawn Clipping Silage and even set up the delivery of your commodity to a local farmer, dairy or feedlot.

About BioPac'r:

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r® line of products. BioPac'r®, Grass 2 Cash, Lawn Clipping Compactor, Lawn Harvester, and Lawn Clipping Silage are ALL Trademarks (TM) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.

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