It's exciting that after just 18 months since the first release of the model LJG15, named after my parents Laverne and Joyce Graus, we have BioPac'r units generating new revenue streams from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Forward thinking "Movers & Shakers" are apparently the first to take advantage of this new revenue generating practice.  Here is a sample of why owners are using the BioPac'r.

  • LCO's are tired of paying labor and dump fees for daily landfill runs.  The time spent kicking off clippings is better used mowing one or two additional lawns without moving into overtime.  Figure out how much you can save if you use a BioPac'r with our online Savings Calculator that helps you to figure out your own ROI.
  • Golf Courses like the Evergreen Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida are very interested in viewing their 90 acres of turf not just as a recreational surface, but rather a crop to be harvested.  Golf courses have fallen on hard times and if they are able to generate to $50,000 - $100,000 in new revenue annually, this is the difference between profit and cutbacks for many rural golf courses not located in the Sun Belt. This single activity in itself will Reinvent Golf Course Ownership.


  •   Small farmers are partnering up with a local LCO, they provide the BioPac'r financing, and in return they get a cheap supply of High Octane Grass for their Cows!  This simple idea can also help Future Farmers get into animal agricultural without the cost of land.


  • Landfill operators are interested in diverting green waste away from their landfills.  Composting is a smelly, break-even proposition at best.  More alarming, discoveries in a Suffolk County (New York) Health Department study have linked for the first time groundwater contamination by residual pesticides underneath mulching and composting facilities. This has really got some municipalities worried.

footprint landfill

  • Property Management Companies like Shea Properties in Denver Colorado saw the BioPac'r as a way to add VALUE to their clients by pushing sustainability and recycling.  This crew has been turning their Grass2Cash all season and we set up the feed contract between them and a cattle farmer.


  • An entrepreneurial rancher has Bahiagrass pastures that currently yield 1.5 tons/acre annually with  5% protein value because the protein is found in the top 4 inches and the bottom 2-3 feet is just stem.  Overgrown fields get so thatched up it makes it hard for the cattle to walk around in and graze, in one reported case, cattle actually lost weight and got sick due to the negative calorie situation they found themselves in. His solution is to mow the biomass weekly and maintain it more like a lawn never to exceed 6" in height. His yield will increase to 5 tons/acre annually and will have a protein value of 20%. This is because as soon as it's 6" tall he will remove the top 4 inches that are 100% Meristem grass blade tissue and no stems!  For the non-farmers reading this, he's getting a 13 fold increase from his pasture by using the BioPac'r to ensile the short protein packed clippings as opposed to putting up round bales or grazing.

    Picture by J.M. Lancaster

    Picture by J.M. Lancaster



  • Benna Mills started Mills Traders in South Africa just to become the nations Exclusive BioPac'r Distributor.  Ben see's the great benefit to turf manages there creating a silage feed that has a 5 year shelf life.  Currently in South Africa a drought that has drained their reservoirs by 95%. Grass Clipping Silage will help to stabilize feed markets and help small farmers increase their herd size by packaging excessive biomass during the rainy season and feeding it during the dry season.  Show him your support by Liking his Facebook page and dropping a note of encouragement.

africasouthafrica sa-drought 1benna

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to Generate a New Revenue Stream from grass clippings.

Until Next time..