We hypothesis that Wyoming livestock producers have had 150 years to perfect bloodline of cattle that offer a grain finished taste (via marbling) from animals that have only ever eaten grass!  Why is this?  I suspect that our bloodlines are better able to convert low energy grass into tiny threads of fat what everyone calls marbling.

Grass hay has a TDN or energy content of 46% and corn has a TDN of 80%.  Corn finished animals eat grain for the last 90-120 days before slaughter to obtain the marbling or the fat content.  There may now be another way to obtain this marbling without grain finishing and without the exotic bloodline that convert 12% Protein and 46% TDN into great tasting beef.

Comparing Grass Hay to Turf Grass Silage

Grass Clipping Silage™ made with the BioPac'r from everyday grass clippings like lawns, city parks, athletic fields, golf courses, etc.  This silage analysis reveals that the TDN level is of 70%.  Could it be the TDN level responsible for the added flavor and not the grain itself?  Beef that we have eaten that were finished with GCS taste just like grain finished beef, go figure!

In short, if your team up with a supplier of Grass Clipping Silage, you too can have 100% grass fed beef with the flavor of grain finished beef, without the grains or the genetic bloodline. Grass finishing can only be done when the grass quality is sufficient for weight gains. Thus, since most climates are seasonal, most grass fed cattle farms cannot finish and slaughter year-round on their pastures which can add an additional 6 months to finish an animal.

New Finishing Plan

This does not mean that the finishing and slaughter season has to end just because the snow begins to fly. If your grass finishing season doesn't extend into the winter currently, the high TDN content of Grass Clipping Silage produced by a golf course or landscaper may very well fit the bill!   Remember, weight gains right up to the slaughter date are essential for beef tenderness and flavor.  This is probably why grass finished cattle cost more at the store, because it took extra time to grow the animal to market weight!  Now grass finishers can slaughter year round like grain finished animals leveling the playing field at the grocery store.

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