Earn Huge Revenue Streams From Grass Clippings

Green waste diversion techniques like ADC, haul and scatter, burning, burying and composting are just not getting the job done and landfills are leaving billions of dollars on the table ... until now!  Operators can now purchase a fleet of BioPac'r® packing units and lease them out like you do roll-outs & dumpers.  We will help you attract the large-volume grass clipping generators like landscapers, sod growers, golf courses, athletic fields and municipalities to divert the grass clippings to you and away from the landfill. You can get the credit for diverting the green waste while generating up to $100/ton when YCC sells your feed to nearby farmers.

Are Composting Sites Contaminating Our Groundwater?

In a 2016 report, Long Island, New York, linked ground water contamination with a local composting site.  According to this report, "pesticide residuals from clippings are not breaking down during the composting process and are leaching underneath these sites and down gradient into our groundwater."  Because the "composting biological process" is not effective in breaking down pesticides, these pesticides leach into the soil.  To overcome this issue, packaging the clippings with the BioPac'r® and then allowing the pesticides to degrade and break down during the anaerobic ensiling process would create an environmentally friendly solution to New York's problem.  In addition, the resulting silage is pesticide-free and safe for livestock to eat.  The same ensiling process is used worldwide to degrade and break down residual pesticides remaining on agricultural crops that are also fed to livestock.

Green waste diversion effort
Green Waste Diversion

Is Composting a Revenue Neutral Proposal?

1. The Footprint of most small landfills requires the space of several football fields, including special infrastructure such as drainage and electrical hookups.

2. The composting Equipment Investment is typically tens up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for tub grinders, bulldozers and compost pile turners.

3. Dedicated and Highly Trained CDL Operators are required to run and maintain composting equipment, bulldozers and front-end loaders. Most sites write off these expenses to the solid waste side in an effort to make composting appear profitable.

4. Composting Odor is becoming more of a conflict as urban sprawl encroaches on long-time sites that adjoin landfill properties.

5. According to the EPA and US Census Report, Composting is Declining. Shrinking markets for compost due to oversupply means that most compost is being sold below cost, break-even or sometimes given away for free.

6. And what about the residual pesticides that can't be broken down by the composting process that are finding their way into ground water?

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