Our Grass2Cash™ system of converting freshly harvested grass clippings into a safe to feed livestock silage  will require turf managers like golf courses, landscapers, sod growers, municipalities and even property managers to make the silage.  In return, end-user like farmers, feedlots, dairy's and ranchers will gladly purchase this feed at market value.  Grass Clipping Silage™ is intended to be fed to ruminate animals like cattle and sheep.  Horses are a bit more tricky but must be done an an individual basis, No free feeding to groups of horses and consult your Vet to the proper ration.  Grass Clipping Silage™ should be fed in the same way you would feed oats of cracked corn mixtures. 

Don't worry about how to sell your grass clippings, YCC will do all the referral & brokerage work, you just have to package your grass clippings and wait for a commodity check to be deposited into your account.

We understand that turf managers like golf course superintendents, property managers and landscapers, just don't have the connections to livestock owners, nor do they have the nutritional knowledge to inform livestock owners how to feed this new forage source that will make a farmer more sustainable and profitable.  This new commodity reduces the RISK associated with fluctuating hay prices since rainfall is the main source of irrigation but lawns have in the past, and will always in the future, be watered to protect homeowners property values regardless of the lack of rainfall.  Turf managers first reaction is that they don't know any cattle people and aren't comfortable with selling their silage without YCC's livestock feeding knowledge or our connections.

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Farmers on the other hand, don't know how to contact turf managers that have an ample tonnage of clippings.  Furthermore, they don't know the potential feed values of the hundreds of different grass varieties that grow in our lawns, parks or golf course greens and fairways of America.  Many don't have any idea where to start, nor do they have the time to run down a list of the hundreds of mowing contractors within their county.  Here lies the reluctance of some livestock folks to pursue this new opportunity.

The Answer to Buying & Selling Grass Clipping Silage™

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities is the answer.  We not only build the BioPac'r, we have pioneered the creation of an entirely new commodities market that connects turf managers to livestock owners that will reduce the RISK of business for all concerned.

selling grass clippings

We would like to introduce you to the Original "Grass2Cash"  system made famous by the BioPac'r™ and YCC.

  1. When a BioPac'r is sold anywhere, YCC goes to work to find livestock owners willing to buy the silage.
  2. When farmers want to try our Grass Clipping Silage™, we focus our advertising in proximity to their operation to place a BioPac'r near them.
  3. Once we connect the two parties, YCC enters into negotiations with all interested parties to decide upon a mutual price of the commodity, pickup and delivery.  Turf managers ultimately pay for the brokerage service and end-users pay for transportation.
  4. Once the turf manager has begun to produce silage, YCC arranges pickup and delivery of the Grass Clipping Silage™ and this fee is the responsibility of the livestock owner.  For food safety purposes, every bag of Grass Clipping Silage™ is labeled by the landscaper with its own unique tracking number, which ties it back to the specific BioPac'r™ user that put up the silage.
  5. YCC's commodities team, will help the livestock owners in determining the most sustainable, and profitable ration to incorporate this new ingredient into an existing feed ration, taking full benefit of the total tonnage that their landscaper(s) can provide.
  6. Turf managers receive a commodity check for their grass clipping silage as defined in the silage agreement.
  7. When YCC introduces the two parties, each bag of silage is covered by our Product Liability Policy, assuring the livestock feeder that the product was processed correctly and is safe to use.

There are instances when a large feedlots requires the collective input of many turfgrass managers, NO Problem!  We just bring together as many BioPac'r users needed to offer all the tonnage required to fill an order.

I hope you better understand how we can help you sell your grass for cash.  Order your own BioPac'r™ today and begin to reduce the RISK of doing business with this new revenue source and labor-saving concept that capitalizes on capturing your opportunity cost.

Until Next Time,

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