Today would have been my Mom & Dads 68th Wedding Anniversary. Sadly My Dad passed last year on April 13, 2014 and my Mom passed on March 21, 2013. Needless to say, the last 24 months have been difficult for all our families of my older brother Kenny Graus and my big Sister Peggy Hays.

Joyce D. GrausDad

This last week my Son Gage and I have visited Steamboat Springs & Fort Collins Colorado, Holdrege & Lexington Nebraska and of course Grand Island Nebraska, my hometown and the location of Chief Industries, the Contract Manufacture that I personally selected to build the BioPac'r Model LJG15-01.  My Dad was my greatest supporter of the BioPac'r and YCC's first official Sales Representative.  My Mom was a nurturer and the reliable rock of our family.  She taught me to "do it right the first time" and I have tried to follow her directions while developing the grass compactor over the last 4 year.  My Folks taught me the value of hard, and honest work and rightfully I wanted to memorialize them by naming the first 2015 production model for Laverne and Joyce Graus.

I hope you find the BioPac'r to to be a hard working and reliably tool, that will help you save labor and landfill space.  A machine that helps you to earn a better living, while serving the greater good by being able to supple high quality Lawn Clipping Silage to livestock feeders outside your city limits.  I hope the BioPac'r takes as good of care for you as my mother did for our family.

Until Next Time...