BioPac'r® Press & Media Coverage

As word of this new and exciting invention spreads, BioPac'r® is being mentioned more and more in press and media coverage.  More and more people want learn about this machine that turns Grass into Livestock silage (Grass2Cash)!  From Forbes Magazine to a guest appearance on former NBA player Lance Allred's radio show and podcast, from Farm Show to Landscape Management and Farm Journal, BioPac'r® is being talked about as the NEXT BIG THING!  Check out a sample of the Press and Media coverage that BioPac'r® has received.


About BioPac'r®:

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r® line of products. BioPac'r®, Grass 2 Cash, Lawn Clipping Compactor, Lawn Harvester, and Lawn Clipping Silage are ALL Trademarks (TM) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.

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