BioPac’r® Grease

BioPac’r Grease available in case quanties.



Because you never want to contaminate grass clippings with petroleum-based lubricants, especially when they're intended to become livestock feed, we require that you use our recommended food-grade grease for all grease zerks on the BioPac'r.  So when grease drips or hydraulic fluid leaks, you won't have to discard an entire load of clippings.

Bio-Food Grade™ E.P. Greases are high temperature Bio-based greases with excellent E.P. and Anti-wear performance.  The super high viscosity index of the Stabilized* HOBS naturally improves the thermal shear stability and load capacity.  The BioPac'r, Bio-Food Grade™ E.P. Greases are rust and oxidation inhibited formulas that are very resistant to water and maybe used as open or enclosed environments.  These products provide superior high temperature performance and good adhesion/cohesion properties.  They have a neutral odor and are non-staining.  A truly GREEN solution to lubrication.