BioPac’r® Bagging Shroud – Included in Package

$ 650.00

The BioPac’r Packaging Attachment is constructed from a high Impact resistance polymer chosen for it’s strength, and stiffness required  during the packaging process.  Its American steel frame attaches to the the face of the BioPac’r for “quick Attachment prior to and Quick Release after the packaging process.

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The BioPac'r Bagging Shroud is required to package grass clippings into the BioPac'r specialty bags used to produce Grass Clipping Silage™.

A metal frame surrounds the packaging sleeve, which is constructed from a high-impact resistance polymer (chosen for its strength and stiffness). and is required during the packaging process. Our Patent Pending "Easy-Slip Shroud" allows for a flexible withdrawal from a filled BioPac'r Bag prior to sealing. The Bagging Shroud attachment is secured firmly in place against the face of the BioPac'r with 8,000 lbs of force providing quick attachment, centering and disconnect after the filling process. 

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 35 in