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All the tools you need to turn your Grass 2 Cashtmshort

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What to expect:

BioPac'r™ is built to outlast you, your children and your grandchildren. Built in the US to the highest standards with very few moving parts, maintenance of a 1-ton piece of steel is easy. The kids with the newest toys always get the attention. So when you purchase your BioPac'r™, YCC will send a Press Release to your hometown newspaper informing them of your company's work in environmentalism and green practices.

Use your new BioPac'r™ as a grass handler that reduces trips to a landfill (since it can compress up to 5 pickup loads of grass clippings) or add the optional bagging attachment and begin to create a new revenue source by processing fresh biomass into Lawn Clipping Silage.

Purchase your unit with cash or apply for financing (more information below). Or you can even lease a BioPac'r™.  Your lending rep can help you determine which option is best for your business needs.

Interested in buying a BioPac'r™? If you bypass the landfill and make lawn clipping silage out your lawn clippings, you can count on selling the silage for $90/ton.  Add that to the cost savings and then see if the BioPac'r™ is right for you.  Don't be surprised if you get a $15K - $25K swing in expenses toward revenue.

Apply for Financing:

Purchase your unit with cash or apply for financing through our lending partner Direct Capital. The application can take as little as 3 minutes if you have great credit.

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