When thinking of a name for our new company, I wanted an iconic name, one representing a physical landmark that is known and that can be associated with Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.  Yellowstone is a totally closed system, completely sustainable ecosystem after the reintroduction of Wolves...which I must say, whose population has exceeded the Parks expectations, now feeding on livestock outside the park...but that a story for another day.

Sustainable Circle of Steaks

The BioPac'r completes the circle of sustainable turf, livestock feeding, shopping at our grocery stores and recreating in our yards as we cook those incredible steaks on the Grill with our family and friends.  This summer as we stand out in the back yards and cook our steaks on the grill, the grass under foot is then mowed and those clippings can now be collected and processed with a BioPac'r, pickling the Biomass once viewed as a waste product into a safe pesticide free livestock feed and later that fall, fed to cattle that will end up back where the cycle began as the main dish for our back yard Barbecue's next summer.  We have created a way to make our backyards as sustainable as Yellowstone National Park itself.

On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the law declaring the Yellowstone area to be forever preserved and protect two million acres of the land "lying near the headwaters of the Yellowstone River", "dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people." The world's first national park had been born!  I can only imagine the very first visitor that came out from the east in buggy's. In this picture the men are working on a broken wheel (1896).

Here is a picture of the first Automobile to visit Yellowstone back in 1902.  Where's the engine?

So of course name recognition is everything, the BioPac'r will always be known because of the humble beginnings outside the gates of Yellowstone National Park.  We sport a brilliant yellow Logo and the packer itself is built to last as long as the Yellowstone Super Volcano itself!


The "Compact" portion of our name has to do with the horizontal landscape waste compactor, and the "Commodities" portion of the name is all about the brokerage serve we offer users or end users of Lawn Clipping Silage™.   We are the host between landscapers or users of the BioPac'r and end users like livestock producers, fuel pellet manufacturer, feed pellet plants and bio-methane gas plants just to name a few.

We want to assist our clients in marketing and selling of their Lawn Clipping Silage™.  Landscapers are the greatest bunch of business folks on the planet.  They are some of the greatest land stewards and the founders of the original "Green Industry".  They will do everything in their power to insure a safe supply of Lawn Clipping Silage™ to livestock producers.  This will include observing any "Grazing Restrictions" on the label, limiting pesticide use on turf and even separating out pop cans, glass, etc.

The BioPac'r will reduce landscapers labor charges, dump fees, fuel, etc by eliminating trips to the landfill altogether.  Landscapers will have a new money supply coming in during the winter months.

YCC will help the end users like farmers, dairymen, ranchers and feedlot operators secure a consistent and safe supply of Feed Silage.  Smaller hersman will be able to feed Lawn Clipping Silage™ all year.  Currently, feeding silage is not an option for many small farmers due to the footprint and capital expense required to erect a silo or placement of a silage pit/pile.  Only one bag (1 ton) of  this Lawn Silage™ is required to feed 100 head of cattle per day when using the recommended  50/50 ration of silage to low quality hay by dry weight.

Cattlemen in drought stricken areas of the country will have a moist feed supply that is very nutritious.  Think about it, dry hay to cattle is like you eating a hand full of saltine crackers.  You need water to wash them down!  Lawn Clipping Silage™ is 65% water and is therefore more easily swallowed, the cows still need to drink water, maybe just not as much!

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is committed to "Made in America" and creating American Jobs, that's why we selected Chief Industries in Grand Island to become our Contract Manufacturer and that my friends is what's behind our name.


Until Next time..